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My experience has been great, there are alot of gifts available and you can attain alot of gifts by simply completing challenges (a great alternative to money purchases). I had a great time watching my friends on the app and will recommend it to those who wish to view and seek a broadcasting platform.
It’s an alright app, basically could just stream on twitch or any other platform and make it for yourself, or start your own platform if programming is your thing, Lots of bots, fake users watching your stream making you feel like your talking to ppl, but there are real ppl here. You’d be making them alot more money than you’d be making if you attempt it anywhere else, like YouTube, You can try it if you want to, But I’m telling you you’d be better off somplace else.
Very entertaining and Addictive! Cannot stop using this app as it’s a great way to connect to so many people around the world. Learned alot from meeting so many different individuals from different parts of the world.
This is a great app most of the broadcasters are very positive and uplifting and they acknowledge mostly of their viewers/fans. Which in my opinion I think is really cool. It’s important in a streaming app to recognize the people that spend money on you and support you LOL.


No option to delete your account. Full of bots and spam. Horrible customer service don’t take constructive criticism and don’t actually help with problems. Streamers are mostly working for dodgy talent agencies, genuine people are rare. Terrible UI with cluttered design. Overly complicated. Super obnoxious about microtransactions, and full of ads. English translations usually don’t make sense. DO NOT download this app, just don’t. Trust me
Terrible, after update latest bigo, totally cannot log in with my home wifi, the only way logging in using my data. I email to their feedback, advise me to use a stronger wifi. Now I go others places with stronger wifi, still having same issue. I guess I better quit playing bigo.
Its so boring due to old Atmosphere and old stickers please update ..old Atmosphere And add new stickers.. They r still old till to start..I can’t use my bigo properly ,hanging hanging,reconnecting,error ,ect ..And its audio live Atmosphere is still boring old version.
Please fix your app so people know when they have a PK/Livehouse in advance, fix your camera settings, your app automatically put me in a multi chat on video call, also stop giving new black hosts insane 90K targets etc, also please can you do something to sort out the fake account activity (messages, follows, likes etc)
I been getting charged randomly at night when i log off i lost 100 dollars lile this already. Tried contacting bigo to no avail. Just woke up 3 declined payments 92 dollars and the 20 dollars twice. Im very dissapointed there no way to fix this.
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