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This game is pretty good I played it because the app “Chapters” was offering diamonds which I actually never even received. But, the game I’d pretty okay I would download it on my own but nothing wrong with it. Though to pay to get gold is a tactic to make money off the game but it’s a little ridiculous.


Its since five years now I have been constantly playing this game. Earlier I used to enjoy it a lot. But now it seems that levels r becoming more harder n harder. The levels are so designed that u are forced to buy boosters to clear ur levels.Sometimes even 10 days pass on n u r stuck to a particular level.
This is the only game I play on my phone. I am playing since it was launched on Fb. But recently the levels are harder, no free won boosters. Same ones all the time. Most everything has to be purchased… The game no longer allows to win gold bars.. frustrating and disappointing!
I have crossed almost 2200 levels in this game. but now I don’t get any rewards as I used to get it earlier like the sugar candy thing or any other boosters I just get that booster wheel everyday. And I need to wait for 1 day to get a booster. Even the weekly reward on passing first level of the day is taken away and the win moves button is also removed I need to spend 10 gold bars in order to continue playing.

After Update

Very very addictive, lots of fun I have a new update, why are you making changes, why mess with a good thing, because all these changes are horrible. From what I have read people are leaving the game because it’s not fun are relaxing anymore. You need to listen to the reviews. I have spent days trying to pass a level an it makes me not want to play.
Previous versions were very very best now we can’t take move with the help of internet. By the previous version updated the setting is also changed. Now it is less enjoyable. There must be some moves given with the help of internet that was in previous version. This version must be updated and setting in this update should be like the previous version.
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