Social Media – Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram Banned In Pakistan 2021

Social Media Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram not responding


The servers of Social media networks Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram are not responding due to some issues on the temporary side. This issue did not come only in Pakistan or India, but it is an issue of the whole world, It was not Banned in any country. Engineers are doing their work to solve this issue, this problem is due to the crash of one of the servers, which should be solved very soon.



People Reactions on that Social Media Situation


Some people are understanding the issue of their mobiles phone and some people are understanding the issue of the internet. Some people are taking the mobiles phone to the shops that there is a WhatsApp issue in its mobile. Those people who have installed the internet of any company at home, are seen to be doing a blame act to the company.


What can you do now?


The whole world is facing this issue, you too will have to face this issue till this issue is not resolved. We know that there are many people connected with social media trends who cannot stay connected with them. But now in these circumstances, no one can do anything about it except the technical team that is watching this social media.

In this situation, you can spend your time on any other social media like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Quora. When the service of Social Media platforms Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram is restored, then go back to your own social media.





You can use YouTube which is one of the best video platforms on which every category of videos is posted. From here you can learn anything which is according to your passion or interest. In this time, you can learn some other new skill from which you will not have to waste your time and you can also acquire a new skill from this.

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