Top 5 Android tips and Tricks in 2020

Top 5 Android Tips: If you use Android Mobile and the trick is for you, you will definitely use it. It will be of great benefit to you. There will be some people who already know these tricks and some people or not. There are those who have just bought a new smartphone and do not know anything about it. Today’s article is going to be very helpful to them.

Specific application Use for Others: 

If a friend of yours asks you for mobile. And he speaks to working on a specific application. If you want your friend can work within that particular application and not disturb the other mobile applications and settings. So you can do one thing. Your friend has to use the application put it in the screen pin. When he is inserted on the screen, he cannot be moved from this app to any other app.

For this, you have to go to your settings and search for Pining. You will get the option to turn it on and go to Multi-Tasking and lock this app. Once it is locked, your friend will be able to work within that particular app, he will not be able to see any other app. When your friend’s job is done, then you take back your mobile and press and hold the multitasking button and the back button together. Then that particular app will be removed form pinned, now you can do anything on your mobile.

Control Outgoing Calls:

If you have a friend and he makes a lot of calls on your mobile. And removes all credits from your mobile. So you can do something to save it. You can block all outgoing calls from your mobile by Dialing this code *#31# with your mobile dialer pad. Then your friend will not be able to call anyone on your mobile. So you can tell your friend that the call is not going out of your mobile, maybe there is a service problem. When your friend returns, you can dial this code #31# from your dialer pad to Active your outgoing calls.


Customize your contact Ring Tone:

If you want to customize your contact list with different ringtones, Father, Mother, Brother, or Gir Friend. Simply go to your contact list and open that particular contact Number you want to customize. Scroll to end of contact setting you see ringtone option click on it and Next Chose your favorite ringtone for it.  Enjoy


Notification Saving

If you remove important notification accidentally form android mobile and you want to see back. Then this App very useful for you which is named “Notification Log“. You Simply Download from Google Play Store and enjoy this App.

Fast Dailing Number From Dailer Pad

If you forget someone else mobile number and you remember the Contact list Name. So don’t worry go to direct Dailer pad And type the Name with a number. You see here Alphabets under each number, type first two to three name letters. Then it shows some suggestion numbers above. Your desired number will show there.

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