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Surah Yaseen Translation in Urdu is available on our site you easily Surah Yaseen online read without any distraction. This Surah Ya-Sin heart of Quran Kareem and Muslims daily Read (Tilawat). But If you want to read this surah in your daily routine. You can download surah yaseen pdf file, save it your mobile, laptop, or computer easily. Here complete surah yaseen with Urdu translation available you easily read and understand. Surah Ya-sin ki Tilawal yaha ap log Urdu Tarjuma ke sath kr sakty hain.

Note: Before start reading ( Tilawat ) must be Do Ablution( وضو).

Surah Yaseen Translation in Urdu


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Surah Ya-sin (Yasen) in Arabic Audio with Urdu Translation Mp3 With Downloadable
Para: 22 – 23 | Voice: Abd-ur Rahman As-Sudais & Su’ood As-Shuraim, Urdu by Fateh Muhammad Jalandhari

This Surah is the 36th surah of the Holy Quran. It is consists of 5 rukus 83 verses, 733 words, and 2988 letters. No 36 of Quran (Al-Yasin) revealed in Makkah. Surah Yasin is placed in para 22 and 23.
our beloved prophet Hazrat Muhammad ( PBUH) Said

” This Surah is the Heart of Quran”.

Surah Yasin is call the heart of the Quran because it presents the message of the Quran in a very forceful way.
Prophet Hazrat Muhammad ( PBUH) also said

” Recite Surah Yasin on your dying”.

Surah Yaseen has four main Topics to understand.

1)  Firstly, To warn the disbelievers of their oppression.
2) Signs of Towhead from the Universe and Common sense.
3) Signs of the Hereafter (Aakhirat) from the universe and common sense and man’s own existence.
4)Belief in the authenticity of the message of Muhammad ( PBUH).

what is the heart of the Quran?

This surah-Yasin is the heart of the Quran.

Surah Ya-sin Is Available watching a video for Batter Understating online everybody can see this video easily with having YouTube package. Here Below I’m sharing Surah Yaseen in English full video from YouTube. This video is a better way for who people can’t understand Urdu/Arabic. Mostly people from abroad (Muslims) who know only the English language.

Secondly, After watching this video, I’m sure you will better understand this surah. Our Muslim brothers who live abroad this is especially for those. Surah Yaseen read online is a better option for those people, who travel in their daily routine. He can easily list this surah In video or audio. Our aim is very simple that we want to spread out this surah to all over the world. Every Muslim Brother read this surah easily anywhere.

Surah Yaseen Benefits

Anything without a heart is consider dead. Surah Yaseen has been declare the heart of the Holy Qur’an because of its first three verses. Surah Yaseen was recite a thousand years before the creation of the world. The subject matter of these three verses is nowhere in the whole Qur’an. The next one is similar to the whole Qur’an except Halal Haram.

Surah Yaseen is a beautiful chapter of the Holy Quran. Please read it and understand its meaning, it’s no matter how often you read it but how much you understand it.

Allah Almighty revealed surah Yasin with a lot of rewards and benefits for human beings on the earth. Here is a list of some rewards of Surah Yaseen Reading:-

A reward of reciting Surah Yaseen

however, we read a single word of the Holy Quran we get 10 blessings from Allah Almighty. But while reading Surah Yaseen on time we got the reward of reciting 10 times of Holy Quran.

Our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said!

Whoever recites Surah Yaseen, Allah rewards him for reciting the whole Quran. ( Tirmazi:2812-A )

Forgiveness from Sins

If someone has done any kind of sin, he/she should seek forgiveness from Allah Almighty by reciting Surah Yasen daily. Allah Almighty will forgive all sins.

For dying’s comforts

It is advised by our holy prophet Hazrat Muhammad  (PBUH) to recite Surah Yasin in front of a person who is dying or taking his/her last breathes. This Surah may help healing or comfort from the strictness of death.

Protection from enemy

If a person has enemies and he is afraid of them and wants to be protected from enemies. In such a case, Surah Ya-seen should be recited daily. In Sha Allah, there will be protected from all enemies and got help from Allah Almighty too.

For blessing at home

Above all as we know reading of holy Quran brings blessing at home. In the same way, the recitation of Surah Ya-seen brings blessing to the house. If this Surah is recited 41 times, there will be mercy and more blessing come to the house from Allah Almighty.

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