Top Secret Android Mobile Tips and Tricks

At this digital Era mostly people use android mobile phones. Latest versions of Android mobiles are launches quickly. Everyone is busy in searching different secret tips and tricks on internet. They need some tricks that can help them in enhancing their android phone Performances.

There are some secret trick are under as :

 Share YouTube Video Link With Selected Play Time

If you want to share your favorite part of any video with your friend. But you didn’t want to send full video or movie then there is a solution for you. Just copy your video link and paste with any text box or inbox chat.

Then at the end of the link you have to add that time of the selected part. If you want that your friend watch video by starting from 02 minutes and 45 seconds then you have to edit link like that (Your Video link here)?t=02m45s.

When your friend open link the video will play at the same selected time instead of playing from start.

Watch High Quality Video on Android Mobile

In these isolated days peoples have to see videos, dramas and movies at YouTube. YouTube has transferred video resolution HD quality to 480 pixels. I don’t know what’s the reason behind this but I think YouTube wants that viewers watch videos at low quality for saving their internet data.

On the other hands,if you want to watch high quality resolution video on YouTube but in these days this is impossible. Many experts suggest to use VPN for solving this issue but its very risky for your device.

VPN heats up your cell phone and increases heavy load on RAM and Processor. Many VPN’s modifies your mobile system settings without permission that you didn’t want ever. I personally not recommend this method.

I tell you a simple method for watching you favorite video in HD quality. Firstly go to your favorite video on YouTube and copy the video URL. Now go back to your home screen and open chrome browser and paste URL in tab and search.

Now you got same video here in top of the screen and click on 3 dots that are present on the right side of page. A Pop Up page opens and at the bottom of list check the “Desktop Site”.

Now Play the video. At the bottom in the right side of video screen a gear icon appears. by clicking this icon you can adjust video’s high resolution quality as per you choice very easily.


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