Mobile tricks apps (Clone/ modification and Auto SMS)

Mobile tricks Android apps

If you have a Android Mobile phone and you don’t know best usage of mobile phone. Then today we will share some tips and tricks about mobile phone apps.

Normally we use different android applications in our daily life. Some applications for general purpose and some are use for communication. today we will Review some powerful applications.


1. App Cloner

An clone application with some extra features:

For example if you use Whatsapp or any other application and you want to modify that application.

This application gives you many modification facility in any application.

You can change the name of application.

Generally we can use one Whatsapp in one phone. But this application give you clone facility.


What is Clone ?

Clone is the copy of any website or application with all functions.

You can make more than 10 clone copies of one application with this android app and install in same phone. You can use 10 of whatsapp account in one phone with this modification.

This android application give icon change facility and color change of existing icons even rotate icon.

If you want to make you own app in you phone you can do this with this application.  Link to download App Cloner


IFTT best in mobile trick apps

This is the best in mobile tricks start this application/ apps you need to log in. This application is available for apple phones. You can login with Apple phone, Fb Account, Gmail and Email.

After the permission/ login it give you a option “if this”.

Its mean if any function alert then what should phone do automatically. You can select any task in this.

For example: 

If you missed any call and you don’t know about call or you are in meeting. In this case you can not use your mobile phone. Then you can add a function when phone call come and you can not attend then a automatically generate sms and send on that number. Even you can select some numbers for different sms. The tagline of this application is “helps every thing work better together”.

download from this website IFTT



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