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I’m really enjoying this game. I have had fire emblem heroes for years, but I’ve found myself playing this game everyday instead since I downloaded it. Even though I also love GoT, I personally don’t care about character voices and cinematics very much in my mobile games like some people are complaining about. I agree that the deals in the shop are crazy expensive, though. I appreciate all the new content and improvements the developers have made, and hope they keep it up.
Cool story, fun and what looks to be semi-strategic gameplay(i am early in game so will have to update review)…all the awesome characters, a neat timeline and the ability to go back and forth between other timelines. I wish there was voice acting but it could be worse. It is easy enough to follow the story and the cutscenes are not overlong which is a good thing.

Problems in this Game

I’ve had enough. The game is constantly crashing and now I’ve realised how pay to win the game is. I bought the 10 draws x2 for heroes and you never guess what? I’m constantly getting the same heroes. Never anyone new. Always the same people. The level are to OP and we have heroes who have little to no health and die almost instantly. Don’t download unless you have your wallet ready.


1 stars due to lack of suport for there false advertisment of in game prize time as well as updates have frozen. The game at the main information screen as well as other screens and support wants i new ticket for the same issue i have reported this. And out of the many issues and reponses i have received only one of the members of there support team made me feel as tho they did there job. All the other respones feel like automated we dont care were not going to do anything about it respones.
Been playing the game since launch and have my own guild, but ever since the last update a few days ago, I can barely get into the game. It stays stuck on the title screen. Fix now please or I’m out.


You will be indebted to the Iron Bank. The premise, graphics, music, and gameplay are all good. Very enjoyable for a role-play statagy fan for the first two story chapters. Then by the end of the third, it becomes painfully obvious that this is a pay-to-win games. Even with daily grinding and events you would still not get far without opening up your wallet. The prices are not cheap either, in comparison to other mobile games.
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