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Great browser. I have been using your browsers for a very long time now. I really like the bandwidth speed showing for the downloads. Hope you can add an all time bandwidth speed option. I love that your downloader can download from multiple connections. Please add more connections capability if possible. I also love your built-in VPN for your desktop version. Thank you for all your hard work.
However, captive portal pages from my network provider keeps opening new tabs and switches on to it. It is very annoying. I literally have 28 tabs of captive portal pages open when i leave opera mini open. Very very annoying. Please fix this, stop web pages for Automatically switching and opening new tabs.
Well it’s a pretty good browser it did exaclty what i expected from it and i just love the inbuilt download manager and how fast it downloads my content and i gotta say i’m pretty impressed of how fast it runs on my device even though i’m running a very old version of android (4.2.2) and the way it blocks those stupid annoying ads is just flawless. Bottom line it’s a good pick u should totally go for it.
Fast, safe browser – data savings, ad blocker, smart downloading & file sharing. Opera Mini is all about speed and comfort, but is more than just a web browser! It’s lightweight and respects your privacy while allowing you to surf the internet faster, even on slow or congested networks. Our Smart Browsing selects the optimal data-saving mode for you so you can browse longer with your data plan. It blocks annoying ads and includes a powerful download manager with offline file sharing.


App is good but the problem this year is not loading any site in time and has bug like cannot load any page given or couldn’t load a page in time like we have to click the plink for more than 3/4 times after this page may start loading and sometimes I couldn’t back from a redirected page… Idk what is happening with opera mini this year… Too many problem…
Everything was going smoothly until all of a sudden the app opens a page called ‘mtnhood’ anytime I’m on mobile data. When I try to go to a different page it immediately switches back preventing me from doing anything on other pages. It opens again when I close it and the annoying thing is that this page never even loads but I’m still stuck on it and it does not happen on the browsers I have installed. Been using opera mini for years so why this all of a sudden and yes I have the latest version.
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