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TikTok – Make Your Day


The app is great and I never have any problems with it! I downloaded it during quarantine (shocker right?) and I have loved the app since. It’s a great way for people to connect with others around the world plus it’s great exposure for people who are trying to be artist, comedians, musicians, etc. I love this app it makes me laugh for hours.


Had this app for almost 2 years. It has a nice community for the most part, but the cosplay community (which made tiktok popular in the first place) is hidden. I can’t see my favorite creators on my FYP. When I edit videos, some effects don’t work or I’m missing the feature entirely (the layout feature being one of them). No matter what I do, these features are missing or bugged and I can’t fix it.
The only problem is that when I want to add the text with the outline it doesn’t show on my screen while I’m editing the video so that means. I cant set the time for the text, when that is a really big part of my videos, it only shows. when I post the video, Need to fix this, I really want to use the text with outlines in my videos, it would help a lot.


Something for Everyone in this app. Always find something to smile about. Ads are unobtrusive and do not force you to sit and watch for even 1 second. All it takes is a swipe, and ads are gone. Ads are not pervasive, and do not keep repeating and coming back. There are still a couple of bugs and glitches, but they are minor and not problematic. I Love the people here! All types of subjects and topics are in the videos, tailored to the user’s preferences and there is something for everyone.
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