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Excellent work from Activision publications. I am a very big fan of the game since its l launch and is playing it since it is launched and I never get bored of it. It is nearly going to be a year since I downlded it but is awesome. There is new content every season and season after season it becomes more interesting and challenging. Thanks to you for creating something extraordinarily interesting.
It’s so cool that you can customize your weapons alot. And because of that there can FINNALY have a tactical scope on a PDW-57. And it’s weird you can put a tactical scope on a pistol. But still. The ranked system is messed up. On the other team it’s like Elite 1- 3. And it says it’s looking for players equal to me. Well… I was expecting players the same rank or by one more rank. I mean, I did get players like that. They are tryhards. Please put us non tryhards. Would be great. So great.

Bug Fixing

It is a really good game, good controls and good graphics, but when you don’t have a super strong connection it won’t let you play and a few bugs but over all a really good game considering it’s free -Edit- forget what I said before, this game keeps kicking me randomly when I’m in the lobby or in am actual game and I’ve lost alot of br matches because of it, and it’s really starting to piss me off so please fix it.
So far so good. I’m playing from season 1 till now. Since season 9 came out, there are some bugs in the game. It has some lags when you play BR and I mean some sorta big lags. When I try to shoot players I freeze for a second or so. The same for MP. Whenever the game starts it has sometimes several lags which can decide over win or loose. But all in one the controls and the graphics are nice and easy to handle.

After Up-gradation 

I think the game is really good, especially the new update. However, the mic still disconnects when trying to have a conversation with friends in the lobby and also in the game. Also have noticed there is a bug when using the special weapon sword. When you click to use the sword it it glitches and you end up running around with no gun or sword. On the other hand, the game is really good and I would highly recommend playing it.
Ruined the game with the last update. Too complicated now. The game was great when it was released and I really felt it needed no improvements. Instead of keeping it classic , they literally ruined the game in less than a year. OLD: Love the classic maps and guns that they chose to use. Using the BO1 and BO2 maps that people already know is so much better that trying to use new ones. It really reminded me of when COD was good. Overall great game, runs smooth. Hard to believe it is free!
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