Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury – Best Gaming Mouse Under 5000RS

A gaming mouse is very important for export gammers. Professional gamers are used good gaming mouse from under budget. Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury is a Budget Gaming mouse for Pro Player under 5000RS(INR2000).

Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury

Logitech G402 Is a Gaming mouse, pro players recommended this mouse for enhancing their gaming skills. Gaming mouse definitely helps to get good short in the battleground, or more and other games. Its have five extra buttons for custom customization on the player requirement. Logitech G402 Design for Entry level Players who use this mouse become Pro Player. Its have on the top of the body G logo with Blue Color Light. The blue color is a single one, not changeable to other colors but you can customize high or low Blue shades.

Is Logitech G402 Wireless?

Logitech G402 is not a wireless gaming mouse It’s only available in wire (7fit) with a 2.0 USB Connector. Really professional Gaming mouse within your pocket budget under PKR5000 (INR2000), Logitech g402 price is PKR4200 In Pakistan and around about INR2000 In India.

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1) Mouse Body

Mouse body makes with high definition material which helps to gripe. On both sides use rubber texture for tight gripping when you sniping you don’t miss your shots. Many people have Hand sweat problems when they hold anything for a long time It really helps those people.

2) Wire Quality

Wire quality is really mater in gaming mouse because it only depends on it. This gaming mouse has a good wire with a 7fits length. Its color is black with 2.0 USB Jeck.

Is G402 heavy?

The G402 has 144 grams weight, I think it’s really better for gamers. If you using sniping short with this Mouse you can easily control your aim on the enemy with this weight. It has a good sensor you can easily lift up and down without any delay. It is easily used on any kind of table or Mouse Pad but cannot be used on a mirror table.

Specification of Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury Ultra-Fast FPS Gaming Mouse

  • G402 Weight: 144g
  • G402 DPI: 300 t0 4000
  • G402 Wireless: only in Wire
  • G402 Wire Length: 7ft
  • G402 USB Type: 2.0 Jeck
  • Extra Buttons: 8 Programmable buttons
  • Technology: Logitech Delta Zero™
  • Processor: 32-bit Arm processor
  • Constant communication: 1MS REPORT RATE
  • Color: Black
  • G402 Lightspeed: Customizable according to your requirements

Is the Logitech G402 good?

Yes, If you want a budget gaming mouse you can start with this gaming mouse Logitech g402. It’s really wonderful I personally using this Gaming mouse for Playing Unknow Battleground PUBG Mobile, Delta Force, and Call Of Duty. The only issue with this mouse is can’t be held with small hands. You should buy this mouse for your Gaming carer as a professional Player.

Software Download Of Logitech G402 Mouse

Its full control by the software provides on the official Logitech website you can easily download this and install it. After installing that you can change the DPI settings From 300 to 4000 dpi. Light color effects control under blue shades. 8 boutons customize according to your requirements which helps to play your specific gameplay. Their boutons are used in daily routine office work or other parts of work on laptop or computer, you can set short commands on it and make work fast.

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