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Whether you’re enjoying summertime fun at your local swimming hole or wrapped in blankets waiting for an end to come, winter diving is a mobile game that lets you enjoy the twist of hiking diving all year round.
Running a complete dive can be a challenge as you bring each of the artifacts back to square one. With our wrap diving tips, tricks and techniques, you can beat Matt to shame the real Olympians.


Wrap Diving is a game that takes care of your activities. You can finish yourself off and get down to the water.
If you successfully enter the water, you will return to higher stage and dive. Successful enough, and you will eventually advance to a new circuit that presents challenges that are harder than the previous one. For example, round 2, there is a small landing area that you need to go inside.
Players open the screen to the touch screen, launch the release, and then press and hold. If pushed, your logo will continue until you release it. Due to the biochemical physics of the game, your mascot will still be at some speed, so you and your release must successfully enter the water.

Not how the belliflop is

There are a few ways to end your run of turning diving, but this is a very easy belly or backflop. This can happen when you are not landing a dive properly, but instead, enter the water at an angle to your abdomen or back.
The goal here is to enter the water at one end of the length. To do this, you need to move the surface of the water to your feet or head at the right moment. You have to do this at different times with different legs and different heights, so you have to try each scene to realize what works best for you.

A few things to remember:

  • It doesn’t matter if you go to the head or feet first
  • You should shake well before you reach the water, so don’t wait until the last minute
  • If you’re really struggling, don’t be afraid to straighten out your dive early – a dive landing with fewer turns is better than landing

How to Avoid Rocks (Your Landing Nail)

Once you dive into your dive, there’s another problem you have to contend with – the water will actually make it.
Sometimes, seemingly without explanation, you find that your diver obviously makes it to their starting point, and as a result, the scenery below cracks their head. It’s an unpleasant thought (and a fair reminder of why safe mountain diving is virtual), but it’s something that a little forethought can avoid.
The training of the game is very decent, but it lacks an important piece of information: how to dive into it. It’s not stupid, of course, but getting your dive started on the right path can make all the difference between success and failure.
When your dive is booted, instead of pressing and releasing quickly, press and continue. Your diver is in a small space while you wait and go, and this sway will control the angle at which they start their dive. If this is the wrong angle, you will be hitting nothing but water and you will end your extraordinary new diving career with an endless end.
Similarly, as you progress through the cycle, the target area becomes smaller, sometimes even moving. Considering that the initial jump is important. If you are struggling to end up between the target cones, put some more thought into your starting position.

How to unlock Dives, Divers and Locations

Diving is all well and good, but let’s get real for a minute – we need stuff . Lucky for us, turning diving has no shortage of it. From new variations and locations to different dives, there is plenty here to open up and call your own. But how do you get them all?
Coins. Lots and lots of coins.
Like many free-to-play mobile games, Flip Diving uses a crude system to help you reap the rewards in a random, lottery-style event. After earning the number of coins, players can “spin” a machine and receive a prize – that prize is from the three aforementioned groups.
With each gift to open, the spinning machine goes up in cost, so you’ll want to earn as many coins as possible during the course of the play. (You can run the machine using the game’s premium currency, “Tickets,” for real money.)
Here are some ways to earn coins:
  • Collect them in the air while diving
  • Land on crates when they appear while diving
  • Perform turns while diving
  • Watch the videos to get the monetary reward
If you can play for five straight minutes, watching a video is worth unlocking the coin magnet. This helps you attract coins while diving for five minutes, so you can focus more on your landing rather than raising your treasuries during that time.
Don’t want to focus on earning coins? Do not worry. You can take advantage of a free gift spin every day. It’s a slow way to go, but if you’re more interested in sports than flip diving collect-a-thon, you’re not going to have to go home empty handed.
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