PUBG Mobile popularity increase free – Get free Popularity

PUBG Mobile popularity increase free in a real way. I will tell you some tricks you can easily increase in popularity. Everybody wants to Increase Popularity and show it to friends or family members. But not get the right way how to do this.

1. Create 2 accounts in PUBG Mobile

If you have two Gmail account you can easily make 2 accounts on PUBG mobile. Then you join my CLAN “EGOMAX” daily complete matches and get Clan Coins. If you have already clan coins so go to clan shop and get daily one bike means”200 popularity free”. When you got then send your this popularity on your real ID.


If you have many Gmail accounts you can get easily 1000 popularity in a day.

2. Join Groups on Social Media and popularity increase free

If you have a Facebook or Twitter account you must join PUBG Mobile Groups or Like official Pages or accounts. PUBG Mobile mostly post redeem codes announced on official accounts for limited members. Must be grab 1st and got amazing rewards or Popularity.

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3. Make Friends in PUBG Mobile

When you play the game in a random squad you judge the right player from your squad and send friend requests. After making a friend you must be able to exchange your popularity with him.

4. Comment your PUBG MOBILE ID and get from us 1k Popularity free

My PUBG Mobile army I will Give you 1k free Popularity. How can you get this Free PUBG Mobile Popularity, make a comment after that this post gives me your ID I will send you 1k Popularity as soon as possible. You Must join our clan “EGOMAX” You will get 200 Popularity Daily and get more awesome rewards.

How can find PUBG Mobile-ID?

Go to your profile and Down from your Name see here some Numbers It’s your PUBG Mobile ID.

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