Get Free UC Currency in PUBG Mobile Unknown Battleground Mobile Game. This is one of the famous games played in the world. Everyone wants to play this game for sure once. UC currency is used to buy the Royal Pass and buy the skins that appear in the new event.


Whoever plays this game, most of the time it seems to him. And he wants every skin that comes in this game to achieve the task. To achieve all this, it needs UC Currnecy by which it can achieve all.


PubG Mobile’s bonus challenge has become a reality with the arrival of the new update, which is available on all Android ISO, and PC Emolater Players.
60 players will be taken in this fight, and at the end of the fight, 30 players will be selected for the next round after seeing their effectiveness.
Like the PUBG Crew Challenge, you can also participate in this Bouns Challenge. But in this challenge, each of the players had to fight alone with each other. This fight can be good or bad for a crew.
According to your playing style, this single match can be a difficult challenge and easy. You can buy (Free UC Currency) with Bonus Challenge Coins you earn from PUBG Mobile.
With these coins, you can buy any skin of your choice from the Bonus Challenge Shop, and can also use these coins to take it again in the Bonus Challenge fight.
Points are given to you according to your rank or tire in Bonus Challenge matches. You must have at least one coin to join the Bonus challenge fight. Killing a player in battleground Pubg mobile gives you 15 points. You will have to register yourself for the bonus challenge once the update is out then you will be able to play Bonus Challenge.
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