My mouse doesn’t work! How do you fix it?

Try this tip to fix a broken mouse

We are all there. You sit at the computer, ready to do some work, and your mouse is not working.

Perhaps the mouse cursor is not as fluid as it used to be, and it jumps across the screen. Or, maybe the bottom light is out and it doesn’t work.

How to fix a broken mouse

There are many things you can try, but each one depends on the particular problem you have and the type of your mouse. Avoid any form of your situation.

Replace batteries

Yes, it sounds simple, but you may be surprised at the number of people who have never tried it first. Replace them for a new device, especially if you use batteries that come with the device. Similarly, make sure the batteries are installed properly. Sometimes, closing that door before the battery pops up can be tricky.

Clean your mouse

If the pointer is moving or jerking movements less responsive than usual, clean your mouse to see if it improves performance. Regular mouse care is something you should do anyway. Read this article on how to clean a wireless mouse , and this one on how to clean a wire mouse with a roller ball .

Try another USB port. There may be a problem you are using, so split your mouse or receiver and try a different port. Most desktop computers have ports on the front and on the back of the computer , so try them all before you take another step.

Connect the USB port directly to the mouse

If you are using a multi-card reader. There may be a problem with that device instead of the mouse or USB port .

Use the mouse on the appropriate surface

Some mice can be used on the surface at any time (almost). Not many can – know the limitations of your device and make sure you are working on the right surface. This means you need a mouse pad, especially if you use an old mouse.

Check the manufacturer’s website for a driver or use an automated tool in these driver update tools . If your mouse is not done by the manufacturer promising to do it (side-to-side scrolling comes to mind), check their website to see if a driver is needed . These are usually always free.

If you are using a Bluetooth mouse, make sure you attach it properly
Read this article to learn how to connect a Bluetooth mouse .

If your mouse is no longer clicked, then it is plugged in. Check out’s cooling solution using ordinary household items.

If the mouse buttons are switched, the right click on the left, and the right click when the left click is pressed, there is a driver problem or a software problem. If you have already installed the correct driver and the mouse buttons have been changed, refer to the mouse applet in the Control Panel .

Did any of these tips work?

If your mouse doesn’t work after trying all of the above tips , contact the manufacturer . You are a defective shaft, receiver or device. Whether it is defective or outdated, the need for an alternative will vary depending on the company’s definition of defective … and old.

If you are planning to replace your broken mouse, read our guide to everything you need to know before buying a mouse first . Once you know what you need, look for the best choice for the best wireless mice , the best gaming mice and the best travel mice .

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