Google AdSense Latest News For Approval 2020

There is really huge bad news from Google AdSense Program. This bad news came long ago but I don’t have any proof that I show in front of you people that it is a piece of bad news in reality. Many YouTube videos and articles have done on searching AdSense Approval . As I said I don’t have proof about this news that’s why I wasn’t able to write something about it.

Effects Of COVID-19 On Google AdSense :

As people know that due to COVID – 19 a major effect is going on everywhere. As same it affects the google AdSense. I am talking about AdSense approval, not about any type of earnings. If your keywords are good and you are doing your work with full attention and sincerity.

Difficulties in Google AdSense Approval :

 You have a Google AdSense approval and start earn money through displaying google ads in your site. Now this time you haven’t face any major difficulty but your website or YouTube channel will effect a little bit. Because you have a AdSense approval with good keywords and genuine traffic.
People who are struggling for a long time will be affected and they will face trouble in ad placement. They make their website on WordPress or blogger and create google account , applied for Google AdSense approval. But they haven’t received any review by AdSense publishers.

Latest Reply From Google AdSense:

Google AdSense didn’t inform you by sending an email that your applied application is pending, rejected or approved. So this tension is running for a long time that’s why I decided to talk about AdSense account with solid proof.
I build my own website and applied for AdSense approval. Today I received a mail from Google AdSense. In this mail, they said :
” We are unable to review your site, Some of our services are temporarily experiencing delays during the coronavirus (COVID- 19) pandemic. This means that we’re unable to review your site this time”.

Don’t Give Up:

It doesn’t mean at all that your hard work is useless, sooner or later you got positive outcomes of your hard work.
If you already have a Google AdSense approval either it’s on YouTube, WordPress or blogger. And you are earning from click ads.
Beware of uploading wrong text and images or copyrighted site content by which your Google AdSense approval would disapprove. In case of the wrong content, your approval will in pending for review some time. You should upload safe content on your channel or website so your account will be safe from any trouble.

Tips For  Perfect Website:

Are you people using alternatives to Google AdSense for show ads, then a little bit difficulty will be there for you. These alternatives are good and really working. is one of them you can use it but may b approval will take time on it. You will try as per your choice. Your website should be in the proper English language. Your site should have accurate setting of ad size, ad units and ad codes.
During this lockdown season, it is to AdSense for search. You have a great opportunity to make your own new website. Because making a new site and then bring orgnanic traffic, it takes so much time.
After COVID- 19 when you will apply for AdSense approval, I hope that it will be approved and display ads on your site. You will earn cost per click. At this time don’t think negative that there is no result of work.
If you have already applied for Google AdSense approval and waited for the reply. So be patient Because it takes some time due to the current situation.
I hope your doubts are clear now about AdSense approval and AdSense ads by reading this article.
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